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Titus Project Is A Ministry Outreach Program Of Youth With A Mission Dedicated To Equipping The Body Of Christ Throughout The World In The Word Of God.

To Accomplish This, We Develop School Of Biblical Studies Graduates In Teaching And Preaching And Mobilize Them Into Areas Where Bible Training Is Greatly Needed.

Why Should I Do Titus Project?

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85% of churches around the world are led by pastors with no training.

90% of Christians will never read the entire Bible in their lifetime.

In the 10-40 window there are over 5 million pastors with no access to any kind of formal Bible teaching.

SBS Graduates Need To Pass Along Tools For Bible Study And See The Body Of Christ Around The World Equipped With A Stronger Foundation In The Word Of God.

“Titus outreach has been life changing experience that I will never forget. To see our audience’s passion and hunger for God’s word was very overwhelming.”



“The three weeks of Titus Project training were better practical application for how to teach than my 4 years of college (I have a degree in Elementary Education).”



Outreach Preparation | 3 Weeks


Preparing A Lecture
Presenting A Lecture
Creative Teaching
Reaching Oral Communicators
Ministering Cross-Culturally
Teaching Through A Translator
Team Dynamics
How To Preach Inductively
Teaching Methods And Models
Practice And Evaluation

Outreach | 8.5 Weeks


Inductive Method Overview
Inductive Bible Study Seminars
Bible Overview
Topical Teachings (Upon Request)


Inductive Sermons


Mercy Ministry

Celebration | 0.5 Weeks


Celebration Dinner
Personal Growth Assessment
Outreach Stories
Country Information


Training Evaluation
Outreach Evaluation
Staff Evaluation

Prerequisites Are Completion Of The School Of Biblical Studies: CHR 213, 315, 316. Titus Project Is Accredited Under The SBS Field Assignment (CHR 214) And Is Awarded 12 U Of N Credits Upon Completion.

Titus Project Worldwide



Titus Project was born out of a vision to bring Bible training to areas of the world where there is great need, great hunger, and limited opportunity to receive Bible training otherwise. 

Titus Project Logo



1 Location – Montana

History of Titus Project

Titus Project was born out of seeing the need around the world for solid Bible teaching and training.  In 1996, Mark and Dawn Masucci approached Amy (Rietema) Stevens and asked if she would be willing to pioneer an outreach program/department that trained up SBS graduates in teaching and mobilized them into areas of great need.


Titus Project officially started in Sept. 1996 in Lakeside, Montana, U.S.A.   Since then, we have multiplied to every continent and have several full-time operating locations around the world from which we have trained up and sent out hundreds of Bible teachers,  ministering in over 70 nations.

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